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About the School

        The predecessor of the School of Electrical and Information Engineering could be dated back to the Department of Electrical Engineering funded in 1933 at Peiyang University, which is renowned for its rigorous scholarship and pragmatic attitude. The School has cultivated a large number of famous academics including the former president of Tsinghua University, Academician Gao Jingde, the president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Academician Ye Peida, the well-known expert in power generation and equipment, Academician Liang Weyan,  the expert in power system protection, academician of Russian Academy of Engineering, Professor He jiali, the expert in power system analysis, planning and simulation, Academician Yu Yixin, the expert in electrical engineering, Professor Liu Xiying, the expert in Communication, academician Zhou Jiongpan, the expert in digital communication, Academician Li yueming, expert in internal combustion engine, Academician Shi Shaoxi, the expert in automatic control and system engineering, Professor Liu Bao, IEEE Life Academician He Zhenya, well-known experts in international motor, Professor Chen Zhifan, the expert in optical fiber communication, Professor Yang Enze, the expert in TV and image information, Professor Yu Sile etc. In addition, various outstanding talents in other fields represented by the former Secretary of Jilin Provincial Party Committee Wang Yunkun, the former presidents of Tianjin University Wu Yongshi and Li GuangQian, the former Party Secretary of Tianjin University Yang Yuqing and famous entrepreneur Rong Zhijian are all alumni of the School.

        Currently260 staff are employed in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, including 54 professors, 84 associate professors and 40 lecturers. 74 Ph.D supervisors and 143 master supervisors. The School is home to an outstanding faculty of renowned scholars and dedicated educators including the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Academician of Russian Academy of Engineering; National "Thousand People Plan"; the Yangtze River Scholar Professor; "973" project chief scientist; National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars; National “1000 Youth Talents Plan”. A number of faculty members are selected for the "innovation team of Ministry of Education" and the “innovation team of Science and Technology".  

        The School is equipped with four departments and three experimental teaching centers, including the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Automation, the Department of Electronic Information Engineering, the Department of Communication Engineering, the Modern Electrician Electronic Technology Center, the Electrical and Electronic Experimental Teaching center, and the Electrical and Automation Experiment center. The School has 5 undergraduate courses, including electrical engineering and its Automation, automation, electronic information engineering, Internet engineering and communication engineering. Each year nearly 600 undergraduate, 500 full-time postgraduate students are enrolled (400 master students and 100 doctoral students), the total number of students is approximately 4,000.

        There are three first-level disciplines in the School, including Electrical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, which are all qualified to confer doctorate and have the postdoctoral training programs respectively. There are 10 second-level disciplines: Electric Power System & Automation, Electric Machinery & Electric Appliance, High Voltage & Insulation Technology, Electric Power Electronics & Electric Power Transmission, Electrical Theory & New Technology, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Detection Technology and Automation Devices, Mode Recognition and Intelligence System, Signal and Information Processing, Communication and Information System. Among them, Power System & Automation, Detection Technology and Automation Devices, Communication and Information System are the national key construction disciplines. The school has multiple national and provincial scientific research bases such as the Key Laboratory for Smart Grid of the Ministry of Education, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Power System Simulation and Control, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Process Detection and Control, the Joint Research Center for New Aircraft of the Ministry of Education(advanced guidance and control sub-center), the Institute for Television and Image Information of the Ministry of Education, the Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Electric and Electronics of the Ministry of Education, the National Virtue Simulation Experimental Teaching Center for Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin Electric Power Distribution System Planning and Automation Technology Promotion Center. In addition, a number of scientific research and training platforms are established in the School with domestic and international well-known enterprises.

        The School of Electrical and Information Engineering of Tianjin University possesses strong scientific research strength, and has a great national-wide impact on a number of distinctive research directions, which include: Power System Planning; Security and Operation Control of Power System, Distributed Generation and Microgrids; Power System Protection and Control; New Electrical Machine and its Control Technology; Energy Conservation and Optimization of Appliance System; High Voltage and Insulation Material; Novel sensors and flow measurement; Automation Equipment and Process Control; Intelligent System Detection and Control; Intelligent Information Processing and Application; Robot Control Technology; New Energy Vehicle Control Technology; Broadband Information Processing and Transmission; Intelligent Perception Theories and Systems; Covert Communication ; Theory and Technology of High-Speed Optical Fiber Communications, Three-Dimensional Image Display Technology; Audio and Video Signal Processing, etc.

        In recent five years, the School has undertaken more than 600 research projects (including 2 projects supported by National Basic Research 973 Program of China ).Moreover, the school has received various awards, including 3 National Science and Technology Progress Awards(Second Prize), 2 National Technology Invention Awards(Second Prize),10 Science and Technology Progress Awards(First Prize)and Technology Invention Awards(First Prize)of Tianjin, and more than 30 provincial scientific research awards; Over 1000 papers of the school are retrieved by SCI, more than 300 invention patents have been authorized and significant research achievements of the school have been widely applied. The school’s research funding reaches more than 100 million yuan in 2016.




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