Electrical Power & Automation


Undergraduate Program

Objective of the Program:
    The students are to establish firm basis in natural science like mathematics and physics, to have necessary training in humanities and in social science, to get the ability of communication with foreign languages, and to construct their professional knowledge. They are supposed to have abilities in science researching, technological exploitation, and project administration. They can, as expected, do advanced research, engineering design, technical innovation, equipment manufacture, and system operation and management in electric engineering and its automation. We hope that they are competent with positions related to automation, electronics, and computer technology.

Period of study
: Four years

Degree to be awarded
: Bachelor of engineering 

Common Basic Subject basic Specialized
Gym Engineering Mathematics Circuit Power System Analysis
College English Probability & Statistics Electrical
Electric Control Technology
Morality College
Fundamental Electronics Power System Protection & Control
Maozedong Thoughts Basis Computer
High Voltage Engineering
Philosophy Computer Software Basis Signal Analysis
& Processing
Political Economics Mechanical Cartography Microcomputer Principle & Application  
Dengxiaoping Thoughts Project
Military Experimental Physics Electric
Technical Economics   Electromagnetics  
Law Basis   Introduction of
Power System

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