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Tutor Of Masters
 Zhang Jun Associate Professor
  Personal Datas  
    Male, was born in 1964.
Phone: 022-27890065
E-mail: zhangjun@tju.edu.cn
Address: School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin University, zip code: 300072
Major: Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
    1995.8-1998.10  Obtained master degree from Tianjin University of Electrical Engineering and Automation
1999.5- now     Lecturer, Associate Professor of Automation, Tianjin University
  Field Of Study  
    Intelligent Transportation Systems , Computer Vision and Image Processing  
  Representative Paper  
    1. Algorithm of Eyed Typhoon Locating Based on Single Infrared Image, Journal of Tianjin University, 2005, 38(4)
2. Short-term traffic flow and prediction of chaos fractal nature of the relationship between the necessary data., systems engineering, 2006(1)
3. Geometric deformable model based on the improved anisotropic diffusion, Chinese Journal Scientific Instrument, 2007, v28(4)
4. Nonlinear characteristics of short - Term traffic flow and their influences to forecasting,Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics, ICAL 2007
5. Image segmentation with multi-scale GVF snake model based on B-spline wavelet,Proceedings-SNPD 2007
6. An ICAI system for designing combinational logic circuits, Journal of Tianjin University of Technology, 2008(4)
7. Traffic Video Based Cross Road Violation Detection,2009 International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation
8. Large fluctuations in short-term road traffic forecasting robust K-nearest neighbor combination method, Journal of Tianjin University, 2011, 44(2)
9. A Algorithm Research for Stereo Video Object Segmentation and 3-D Reconstruction,ICCSIT 2011
  Research Project  
    1. Coordinated traffic signal controller, Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau
2. Traffic Signal box mold design, ZhengZhi company of Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau
3. Solar Traffic Signal Control System, Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau
4. Website Design of Zhengzhi company, ZhengZhi company of Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau
5. Automatic pulp slurry systems, Hongtong company of Tianjin
6. Tianjin Geothermal Well Monitoring System, Bureau of Land Resources of Tianjin
7. A high-speed image compression technology  for digital cameras,  Tianjin Natural Science Foundation
8. Design and production of the entire screen subsection timing signal lights controller, Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau
9. remote management network control system for,Geothermal utilization Land and Resources management Bureau of Tianjin
10. Traffic violation detection system for parking on the yellow mesh line, Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau
11. The detection system for large trucks in violation of the driving regulations, the HuaHai company of Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau
12. The key problems of the short-term road traffic flow, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation
13. The traffic violation detection system, ZhengZhi company of Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau
14. The traffic signal control system, ZhengZhi company of Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau
15. The intelligent traffic surveillance system based on computer vision,   Key Support Foundation of Tianjin Science and Technology Commission
    School-level awards of Tianjin University
Second Class Award of Tianjin
  Course Teaching  
    Electrical Engineering (Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology)
Fundamentals of electronic circuit
Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Information Systems and Devices
    Participated in the world bank loan project of educational reform
Participated in the University projects of educational reform
Participated in the excellent course construction project

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