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Tutor Of Doctors
 Yue Shihong
  Personal Datas  
    Male ,birthday:1964
Mail Address:
School of Electrical Engineering & Automation of Tianjin University  Zip:300072
    Master in Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology (1994-1997)
Doctor of science,Xi'an Jiaotong University,(1997-2000) Postdoctor,mobile station for the post-doctors in Zhejiang University,(2000-2004),while during January to August 2002,do Cooperative Research in National Cheng Kung University.
Teach in Electrical Engineering and Automation,Tianjin University.(2004)
  Field Of Study  
    information fusion、intelligent control,non-probabilistic reliability and engineering optimal  
  Representative Paper  
    [1] Shihong Yue et al., Wang, A new separation measure for improving the effectiveness of validity indices. Information Science, 2010, 180(5) (SCI/EI).

[2] Shihong Yue et al., A new unsupervised approach to clustering. Science in China (Ser F), 2010, 189(1) (SCI/EI).

[3] Shihong Yue et al. On the approximation of fuzzy system, International Journal of Distributed sensor, 2009, 5(3) (SCI).

[4] Shihong Yue et al. Using Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory and Choquet integral, International Journal of Distributed sensor, 2009, 5(3) (SCI).

[5] Shihong Yue et al. A general grid-based clustering approach, Pattern Recognition Letter, 2008, 29(9) (SCI/EI).

[6] Yue Shihong et al. Information fusion based on Fuzzy measure,Progress in Nature Progress,  2007, 17(7)(SCI).

[7] Yue Shihong et al. Linguistic granular model: design and realization,Progress in Nature Progress,2005, 15(8)(SCI).

[8] Yue Shihong et al. On the index of cluster validity, J. Chinese Electrons, 2005, 14(3) (SCI/EI).

[9] Chiang JH, Yue Shihong. A new approach to fuzzy clustering, IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy System. 2004, 12(2)(SCI/EI).

[10]Gao Tao, Yue Shihong. Traffic video-based moving vehicle detection and tracking in the complex environment, Cybernetics and Systems, 2009, 40(7)(SCI/EI).

[11]Yue Shihong et al. Parameter estimation based on Takigi-Sugeno model, Information Fusion, 2005, 6 (EI).

[12]Yue Shihong et al. Ordering grids to find clustering structure, Lecture Note on Computer. 2006, 332(EI).
  Research Project  
    Hold projects:
Study on heterogeneous intelligent control system mechanism and methods.(Chinese National Natural Science Foundation). 2008.1-2010.12
Research on key technologies for image reconstruction in multi-phase flow.(Tianjin National Natural Science Foundation).2008.4-2010.12
Adaptive information fusion techonlogy and application. (Chinese National Natural Science Foundation).2006.1-2006.12
Research on algorithm of internet spam filtering(Chinease Postdoctoral Sustentation Fund).2004.1-2006.12
Study in non-probabilistic reliability of blasting network. (Zhejiang preferred Supported Project).2003.1-2003.12: Participate in project:
Steel quality control software system in metallurgical industry with GES.(National "863" mainly supporting projects ).2002.8-2004.12
    Excellent Postdoctor,Zhejiang University,2004  
  Course Teaching  
    undergraduate students:
Pattern Recognition,Engineering Optimization Theory, Electromagnetic Field and so on;

postgraduate students:
IntelligentData Processing Technology

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