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Tutor Of Doctors
 Zong Qun
  Personal Datas  
    Name: Zong Qun
Gender: male
Birthday: 1961
Tel: 022-27892382,13602005871
Fax: 022-27892380
E-mail: zongqun@tju.edu.cn
Address: School of Electrical Engineering & Automation, Tianjin University
Post code: 300072
Department: Automation
Subject: Control Theory and Engineering
Title: Professor
Duty: Doctor Supervisor
    1983-1988 Tianjin University, Automation Department, tutor
1988-1995 Tianjin University, Automation Department, docent
1995-2002 Tianjin University, Automation Department, associate professor
2002-     Tianjin University, Automation Department, professor
2003-     Tianjin University, Automation Department, doctor supervisor

The leader of subject of "control theory and control engineering" in Tianjin University, Deputy Director of Tianjin University Technological Department, Deputy head of the Expert Group of major state specific fields of the Ministry of Education, IEEE Member, Member of International Association of Elevator Engineers (IAEE). member of China Institute of Automation Control Theory professional Committee; member of China Institute of Automation of fault diagnosis technology and security professionals Committee; director of Automation Society of Tianjin, director of Tianjin Society of Electrical Engineering, member of Tianjin Elevator professional Committee. State 863 project appraisal expert; evaluation experts of National Natural Science Foundation; assessment experts of Tianjin technology project.

  Field Of Study  
    1. Complex system modeling and control
2. System Identification and optimization control
3. Fault diagnosis and tolerant control
4. Networked control system
5. Embedded system development
  Representative Paper  
       Have published more than 100 papers in several journals, among which 50 papers were EI index. Selected papers are as follow:
[1] Zong, Q., Shang, X.G., Yue, Y.J., Lei, X.F. Traffic pattern recognition of elevator group control systems [J]. Control and Decision,2001, 16(2): 163-166(EI: 01476736054)
[2] Zong Qun, Tong Ling, Xue Li-Hua. Research on intelligent optimal dispatching method in elevator group control systems [J]. Control and Decision, 2004, 19(8): 939-942. (EI: 04468459060)
[3] Zong Qun, Ma Hong-Bo, Wang Zhong-Hai. On elevator fault diagnosis method based on NNFPN model [J]. Control and Decision, 2005, 20(3): 341-344. (EI: 05189081891)
[4] Qun Zong, Wenjing Liu, Liqian Dou. Parameters selection for SVR Based on PSO [C]. Proceedings of the World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA), 2006(4): 2811-2814. (EI: 071510541733)
[5] Zong Qun, Wang He, Li Ran. Design and analysis of stochastic communication logic for networked control systems [J]. Control and Decision,2007, 22(7): 795-799. (EI:073210754598)
  Research Project  
       In the past five years, as a project leader has presided over the completion of more than 20 scientific research projects. Two Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission key technological .one Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission key funded project.
Research project under way: one National Natural Science Fund. Currently in the research project: One project on Ministry of Education doctoral fund, one Key project of Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission. One national fund, One fund of Tianjin.
    Third Prize of the progress of science and technology in Tianjin in 2002; one of outstanding teachers of Gifted Teacher Cup in 2003.  
  Course Teaching  
    1. Computer Control (undergraduate and master's programs)  

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