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Tutor Of Doctors
 Xue Ting Associate Professor
  Personal Datas  
    Female ,birthday:1977
Mail Address:
School of Electrical Engineering & Automation of Tianjin University  Zip:300072
1.Ph.D in Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments, Tianjin University, March 2007, Tianjin, China
2.MS.in Precision Instrument and Machinery, Tianjin University, March 2004, Tianjin, China
3.BS.in Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentations, Tianjin University, July 1998, Tianjin, China

Professional Experience
1.Tianjin University, Associate Professor, June 2009-present, Tianjin, China
2.Tianjin University, Lecturer, March 2007- June 2009, Tianjin, China
  Field Of Study  
    1.Two phase/multiphase measurement techniques
2.Vision inspection techniques and application
3.Opto-electrical measurement
4.Embedded system and application
  Representative Paper  
    [1]T. Xue,B. Wu,J. G. Zhu,S. H. Ye. Complete calibration of a structure-uniform stereovision sensor with free-position planar pattern. Sens. Actuators A, Phys., 2007, 135(1): 185-191.
[2]Bin Wu,Ting Xue, Tao Zhang, Shenghua Ye,A novel method for round steel measurement with multi-line structured light vision sensor. Meas. Sci. Technol. 2010, 21(2) 025204.
[3]Xue Ting, Wu Bin, Sun Mei, Ye Sheng-hua. Complete approach to automatic identification and subpixel center location for ellipse feature. Optoelectron. Lett., 2008, 4(1): 51-54.
[4]Ting Xue, Jigui Zhu, Bin Wu, Shenghua Ye. Study on the key technologies of volume contour visual measurement. Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng., V6344, Advanced Laser Technologies 2005, 2006: 63442X.
[5]XUE Ting, QU Weijie, MENG Xindong, ZHANG Tao, Complete approach to velocity field measurement with improved image cross-correlation method in gas-liquid two phase flow, J.  optoelectronics•Laser, 2010.6,21(6): 903-906.
[6]XUE Ting, MENG Xin-dong, ZHANG Tao, Extraction of bubble shape and motion feature parameters in the gas-liquid two-phase flow, J. optoelectronics•Laser, 2010.8,21(8):1218-1221.
[7]XUE Ting, SUN Mei, ZHANG Tao, WU Bin, YE Shenghua, Two-step Method for Measuring Center Coordinates of Spatial Hole Based on the Structured Light Stripe Vision Sensor, Chin. J. Mech. Eng., 2008.10,44(10): 206-209.
[8]XUE Ting, WU Bin, YE Shenghua, Reparability Technology of Vision Sensor in Body-in-white Visual Inspection System, Chin. J. Mech. Eng., 2009.2,45(2): 238-242
[9]XUE Ting,ZHU Jigui,WU Bin,YE Shenghua, New Stereo Visual Sensor Based on LCD Coded Raster, J. Tianjin Univ. Sci. Technol., 2005.12,38(12):1068-1072
[10]Xue, T., Zhu, J.G., Wu, B., Ye, S.H., A novel approach to calibrating multifunctional binocular stereovision sensor. J. Phys., Conf. Ser., 2006, 48(1): 823-827
  Research Project  
    [1]National Natural Science Foundation of China, The three-dimensional measurement theory and method of the feature parameters in the gas-liquid two-phase flow based on the virtual stereo vision (No. 60902084), 01.2010–12.2012  (Principal Investigator)
[2]The Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education in China, Research on the three-dimensional full velocity field measurement in the gas-liquid two-phase flow(No.200800561059), 01.2009–12.2011  (Principal Investigator)
[3]The Open Funds of State Key Laboratory of Precision Measuring Technology and Instruments Foundation of China (PIL0902), 01.2009–12.2011 (Principal Investigator)
[4]The innovation fund of Tianjin University, 01.2009–12.2011 (Principal Investigator)
[5]Special Funds for Scientific Instruments of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Stereo vision inspection instrument and system(50327501)01.2004-12.2006 (Core Member)
[6]The Key Program of Tianjin Municipal Natural Science Foundation, Research on the flexible on-line measurement based on the industrial robot(05YFJZJC01700)01.2005-03.2008 (Core Member)
[7]National Natural Science Foundation of China, Measurement principle and technology for 3D shape of large-scale object based on the single imaging and non-intrusive mosaic(No. 50705065), 01.2008 –12.2010 (Core Member)
[8]Tianjin Municipal Natural Science Foundation, Measurement theory and technology for 3D surface of large-scale object(08JCYBJC10000), 01.2008 –03.2011 (Core Member)
    1.Technology Invention First-Class, Tianjin Municipality, 2010 (Personal order is 6th)
2.Science and Technology Advance (Innovation) Award, China Instrument and Control Society, 2010 (Personal order is 6th)
  Course Teaching  
    Undergraduate Course:
Embedded system
    Patent for invention:
[1]The measurement method for geometric parameters of spatial round hole based on the structured light stripe vision sensor, Chinese Patent Number: ZL2007 1 0061297.2 (1st inventor)  
[2]A measurement method for the diameter and the linearity of the seamless round steel pipe, Chinese Patent Number: ZL 200910069220.9 (2nd inventor)

Publication Review:
1.Sensors and Actuators A
2.J. Mechanical Science and Technology
3.Optoelectronics Letters
4.J.optoelectronics • Laser

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