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 Tan Chao Associate Professor
  Personal Datas  
    Male ,birthday:1980
Mail Address:
School of Electrical Engineering & Automation of Tianjin University  Zip:300072
  Field Of Study  
    His research interests include process parameter detection and control systems, industrial process tomography, multiphase flow instrumentation and measurement,  multisensor/data fusion.

[1] Associate Editor of <IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement>
[2] Associate Editor and Lead Gues Editor of <IEEE Sensors Journal>
[3] Associate Editor of <IEEE Access>
[4] Associate Editor of <Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control>
    [1] Tan Chao and Dong Feng, Applications of tomography in mineral transportation, Chapter 16 of Industrial Tomography: Systems and Applications, Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-78242-118-4  
  Representative Paper  
    [1] Dong Feng, Tan Chao, Liu Junwen, Development of single drive electrode electrical resistance tomography system, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2006, Vol.55, No.4, pp.1208-1214. (SCI 065UI)
[2] Tan Chao, Dong Feng, Wu Mengmeng, Identification of Gas/Liquid Two-Phase Flow Regime through ERT-Based Measurement and Feature Extraction, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 2007, Vol.18, No.5, pp.255-261. (SCI 235KU)
[3] Xu Yaoyuan, Dong Feng, Tan Chao, Electrical resistance tomography for locating inclusions using analytical boundary element integrals and their partial derivatives, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 2010, Vol.34, No.10, pp.876-883. (SCI 629UC, IF=1.359)
[4] Tan Chao, Dong Feng, Modification to mass flow rate correlation in oil-water two-phase flow by a V-cone flow meter in consideration of oil-water viscosity ratio, Measurement Science and Technology, 2010, Vol.21, No.4, 045403 (12pp). (SCI 569KL, IF=1.359)
[5] Tan Chao, Xu Yaoyuan and Dong Feng, Determining the boundary of inclusions with known conductivities using a Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm by electrical resistance tomography, Measurement Science and Technology, 2011, Vol.22, No.10, 104005 (13pp). (SCI 569KL, IF=1.359)
[6] Ren Shangjie, Dong Feng, Tan Chao, A boundary element approach to estimate the free surface in stratified two-phase flow, Measurement Science and Technology, 2012, Vol.23, No.10, pp.105401. (SCI 007XD, IF=1.435)
[7] Ren Shangjie, Xu Yaoyuan, Tan Chao, Reconstructing the geometric configuration of three dimensional interface using electrical capacitance tomography, International Journal For Numerical Methods In Engineering, 2013, Vo.96, No.10, pp.628-644. (SCI 239XL, IF=2.068)
[8] Tan Chao, Wu Hao, Wei Can and Dong Feng, Experimental and Numerical Design of A Long-Waist Cone Flow Meter, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2013, Vol. 199, pp. 9-17 (SCI 202RZ, IF=1.841)
[9] Tan Chao, Wu Hao and Dong Feng, Mass Flow Rate Measurement of Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow by a Long-Waist Cone Meter, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2013, Vol.62, No. 10, pp. 2795-2804. (SCI 220HS, IF=1.357)
[10] Tan Chao, Wu Hao and Dong Feng, Horizontal oil-water two-phase flow measurement with information fusion of conductance ring sensor and cone meter, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 2013, Vol.34, pp. 83-90. (SCI 280GK, IF=0.971)
[11] Tan Chao, Dai Wei, Wu Hao and Dong Feng, A Conductance Ring Coupled Cone Meter for Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow Measurement, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2014, Vol.14, NO.4, pp. 1244-1252. (SCI , IF=1.475, )
[12] Zhao Jia, Xu Yanbin, Tan Chao* and Dong Feng, A fast sparse reconstruction algorithm for electrical tomography, Measurement Science and Technology, 2014, 2014, Vo.25, pp. 085401 (14pp) (SCI AL6WJ, IF=2.984)
[13] Tan Chao, Dai Wei, Hoi Yeung, Dong Feng, A Kalman estimation based oil-water two-phase flow measurement with CRCC, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 2015 (June), Vol.72, pp. 306~317. (SCI CI2NO, IF=2.061)
[14] Tan Chao, Zhao Jia and Dong Feng, Gas-Water Two-Phase Flow Characterization with Electrical Resistance Tomography and Multivariate Multiscale Entropy Analysis, ISA Transactions, 2015, Vol. 55, pp. 241-249. (SCI CF6PI, IF=2.256)
[15] Tan Chao, Ren Shangjie and Dong Feng, Reconstruct the Phase Distribution within an Annular Channel by Electrical Resistance Tomography, Heat Transfer Engineering, 2015, Vol. 36, No.12, pp. 1053-1064. (SCI AZ6JY, IF=0.902)
[16] Tan Chao, Li Pengfei, Dai Wei and Dong Feng*, Characterization of oil-water two-phase pipe flow with a combined conductivity/capacitance sensor and wavelet analysis, Chemical Engineering Science, 2015, Vol. 134, pp.153-168. (SCI CO3AR, IF=2.337)
[17] Dong Xiaoxiao, Tan Chao*, Yuan Ye, Dong Feng, Oil-water two-phase flow velocity measurement with continuous wave ultrasound Doppler, Chemical Engineering Science, 2015, Vol.135, pp. 155-165. (SCI CT8AC, IF=2.337)
[18] Wu Hao, Tan Chao*, Dong Xiaoxiao, Dong Feng, Design of a Conductance and Capacitance Combination Sensor for water holdup measurement in oil-water two-phase flow. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 2015 December, Vol.46, Part B, pp. 218-229. (SCI, IF=1.04)
[19] Tan Chao, Wang Nana, Dong Feng, Oil-water two-phase flow pattern analysis with the ERT based measurement and multivariate maximum Lyapunov exponent, Journal of Central South University, 2016, Janurary. (SCI, IF=0.464)
[20] Fu Yan, Tan Chao*, Dong Feng, Analysis of Response for Magnetic Induction Tomography with Internal Source, Measurement, 2015, January, Vol.78, pp.260-277. (SCI CW6KC, IF=1.484)
  Research Project  
    Principe Investigator

1. Horizontal Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow Measurement Based on Ultrasonic and Electrical Sensor-Array Information Fusion, National Science Foundation of China, No. 61473206, 2015.01-2018.12.
2. Investigation on measurement mechanism of annulus channel multisensor for oil-water two phase ow, National Science Foundation of China, No. 61104207, 2011.01-2014.12.
3. Multi-Source Detection for Oil-Gas-Water Three-Phase Flow: Measurement Mechanism and Fusion Method, Science Foundation of Tianjin Municipality, China, No. 11JCYBJC06700, 2011.04 -2014.03
4. Key-Issue Study of Multisensor Integration Based Measurement on Oil-Gas-Water Three-Phase Flow,The Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, No. 20100032120076, 2011.01-2013.12

    [1] Municipal Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of Tianjin
[2] Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of Tianjin University
[3] Third Class of Municipal Natural Science Award of Tianjin
[4] Chen Xuejun Prize for Excellent Paper of Young Scholars
[5] Second Prize Award for Excellent Paper at IEEE Workshop on Imaging Systems and Techniques
    Editorial Board of International Journal of Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences.

Editor of Proceeding “The 7th International Symposium on Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Flows”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2012, Vol. 1428, (ISPT indexed)

Member of international organizing committee of the International Symposium on Measuring Techniques of Multiphase Flow (ISMTMF), and session chair of ISMTMF, IEEE-IST, IWPT.

Serve as a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, IEEE Sensors Journal, Measurement, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Chinese Physics B, etc.

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