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Tutor Of Doctors
 Yu Yixin
  Personal Datas  
    Sex: Male
Birthday:Nov., 6th ,1936
Tel No.:+86-22-27892809(O)
Adress:26-534,the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin University
Specialist:Power System and its Automation

    Prof. YU is a specialist on power system analysis, planning and simulation. His birth place is Beijing and he got primary school education and middle school education there. He got bachelor degree in 1958 and Master degree in 1963, both from Tianjin University, China. Since 1958 he has been being a faculty member in the Department of EE, Tianjin University. He became a full professor in 1985, and a supervisor of Ph. D in 1991. During 1980-1982 he was a visiting scholar in the Department of EECS, California University (Berkeley) for two years. During 1991-1992 he was a visiting professor in the Department of EE, Washington University (Seattle) for half years. From 1995 to 1997 he was a Chair visiting professor on power system control in Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan for two years.

Professor YU at Tianjin University has been teaching and doing research work in the area of Power System Stability Analysis, especially in security region methodology of power system, over several decades. The idea of security region would make real-time security monitoring, assessment, control and pricing of power systems more scientific and efficient. Due to the complexity of power systems, the research in security region was largely confined to the theoretical stage. Prof. YU has pursued this line of research persistently and has achieved systematically significant original accomplishments both in theory and practical applications. It has most promising prospect of practical applications.
Prof. YU and his research team have developed a comprehensive set of theory,models and methods in the area of urban power distribution system expansion planning. Based on that, they developed a perfect urban power distribution system expansion planning system with independent intelligent right and more complete functions, which has been widely used in China such that the practices of urban power distribution system expansion planning in China have become more scientific. It has gained tremendous economic and social benefits and represents the leading technology in this field.
He gained one National Second-class Award of Science and Technology of China, the Award of ten tremendous Achievements of Science and Technology of China University in 2009, and 5 first-class Awards of Science and Technology of Province or Ministry of China. He has published over 200 archival papers and 4 books entitled “Security and Stability of Power System” and  “Theory and Methods of Power System Stability” and so on. Among the doctors supervised by him, one has been appointed as Chair Specialist of one National 973 project and Changjiang Scholar, one gained National Excellent Doctor Dissertation Award. Since the middle of 2006, he has been working on SmartGrid.                                                  Professor YU is elected as Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2005.
  Field Of Study  
    1.Smart Grid (Basic philosophy, Power grid planning, Fast simulation and modeling, Advanced distribution automation, Non-intrusive power load disaggregation)
2.Power system security and stability
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5.China electrical engineering canon-Piece 16-Distribution system and its automation (editor in chief), 2008, China electrical power publisher.
  Representative Paper  
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