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 Li Yongli
  Personal Datas  
    Li, Yongli  Professor
Dept. of Electrical Engineering,
School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin University,

E-mail:   lyltju@163.com ,  lyl519@sohu.com,
Address:  No 92, Weijin Road, Nankai District, TianjinUniversity,
Tianjin, 300072
PhD  Electrical Engineering, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, 1993
M.S  Electrical Engineering, Tianjin University, 1987
B.S   Electrical Engineering, Tianjin University, 1984

She now serves as the director of Tianjin Society of Electrical Power, the vice chairman of the Committee on Relay Protection and Automation, a fellow of the Committee of Relay Protection in Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, and a fellow of the Committee of Power System Protection and Control in China Electro-technical Society. Also she is a senior member of CEEE and a member of the Chinese group of CIGRE B5.
Besides, she is an electrical power expert of Tianjin Electrical Power Corporation and was a visiting professor of ABB Medium Voltage Technology Center, 2005.
  Field Of Study  
    Dr. Li has been teaching at Tianjin University since 1987. Her research interests include power system failure analysis and fault diagnosis of electrical equipments; EHV/UHV transmission system protection principles and self-adaptive reclosing technologies; control and protection of distributed generation(DG) and smart grid.  
    1.Co-edited the book “ the Principles of Power System Relay Protection”, the 4th edition;
2.Co-edited the book “ the Principles of Power System Relay Protection and Practical Technology”.
3.Co-translated the book “ Power System Protection”,  Original writer: P.M. Anderson.
  Representative Paper  
    1.Li Yongli,Li Botong,  Identification of Three-phase Permanent or Temporary Fault for Transmission Lines with Shunt Reactors. Proceedings of CSEE.2010,30(1):82-90.
2. Li Yongli, Li Shengwei, Bai Shibin, Niu Chongxuan, Frequency-Feedback Based Islanding Detection Algorithm for Micro-Grid. Transactions of Tianjin University. 2008, 41(2):85-91.
3. Li Yongli, Liu taihua, Overvoltage Suppression for UHV Transmission Lines, Transactions of Tianjin University, 2008, 14(3): 222-225.
4. Li Yongli,Li Zhongqing,Li Bin,Data Synchronization for Current Differential Protection Based on Optical Fiber Channel for EHV&UHV Long Transmission Line. Transactions of Tianjin University,2007,40(2): 168-172.
5. Li Yongli, Li Bin, Huang Qiang, The Study on Three-Phase Adaptive Reclosure Based On Carrier Channel and Signal Transmission. Proceedings of CSEE. 2004, 24(7), 74-79.
6. Li Yongli,Mei Yun,A Protective Scheme for Power Transformers Based on Sequence Power Directions. Automation of Electric Power Systems,2002,26(4),28-31.
7. Li Yongli, Li Zhizhong,Study of Reliability and Optimal Routine Test Interval of Protective Relays,Proceedings of CSEE.2001,21(6),63-65.
8. Li Yongli,Gu Fuhai,The Application of Neural Network in the Fault Identification of Transformers. Automation of Electric Power Systems,1999,23(24): 20-22.
9. Li Yongli, Li Bin, Sheng Kun, et al. A Novel Protection Scheme for Shunt Reactors. The Eighth International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection
. RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2004.
10. Li Yongli, Li Bin, Sheng Kun, et al. The Study on Reclosure Strategy of UHV Transmission lines. The Eighth International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection.RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2004.
11. Li yongli, He jiali, Duan yuqian, Application of neural network to Microprocessor-based transformer protective relaying, Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy Management and Power Delivery,1995, p680-683.
  Research Project  
    Current(as the leader)
1. Connection, Control and Protection Technology of Micro-grid, National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) , ( Grant No. 2007AA05Z241);
2. Protection Principles and Technology of Micro-grid and Distribution System with Micro-grid, sub-program of National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), ( Grant No. 2009CB2197);
3. Research on Connection, Control and Protection of Renewable Resource, program of Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, ( Grant No. 08JCYBJC13500);
Previous(as the leader)
1. Research on Protection and Control Integrated System for 750KV and Above Power Grid, National Natural Science Foundation program;
2. Tripping and Self-adaptive Autoreclosing Scheme for Multi-Circuit Lines, program of ABB RESEARCH LTD.
3. Fault Location Method of High voltage DC transmission Line Based on Fault Recorder, program of EHV Bureau of National Southern Power Grid;
4. Research on Power System Protection for the Offshore Platforms, China National Offshore Oil Engineering Co.LTD(CNOOC);
5. Study on Single-phase Self-adaptive Reclosing Device, key project of Chongqing Science and Technology Commission;
6. Application of Wavelet Transform in Power Equipment Fault Diagnosis, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation program;
7. Nuclear Power Plants and 1150KV UHV System Protection Technology, program of State     Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs
8. Protection Scheme Demonstration of 750KV Transmission Line and Research of Shunt Reactors Protection,  NARI-RELAYS ELECTRIC CO., LTD.;
9. Development of Single-phase Self-adaptive Reclosing Device, Chongqing Electrical Power Corporations (the device has been put into operation on the 220KV power grid);  
10. Special Phenomenon and Requirements of 1000 kV AC transmission Line, program of ABB RESEARCH LTD.;
11. Development of Substation Automation System, program of China Returned-scholars Foundation;
13. Several programs of Protection Device Development Based on Micro-processor co-operated with the industries.
    1. Extra/ Ultra High Voltage Power System Protection Principle and Technology, the First Prize of Tianjin Technological Invention Award, 2010; (ranked first)
2. Fault Location Method and Software for EHV DC Transmission Line Based on Fault Records, the Second Prize of National Southern Power Grid, 2010;(ranked first in research side)
3. Research on Power System Single-phase Self-adaptive Reclosing Device, the Third Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award, 2006; (ranked first)
4. Short-Circuit Current Calculating Software Development for Wuhai Power System, the Third Prize of the Application of Technology Achievements of North China Power Grid and the Second Prize of  the Research of Applied Technology of Neimenggu Electric Power Company, 2005;  (ranked first in research side)
5. Micro-processor Based Protection for High/ Extra-high Voltage Transmission Line, the Second Prize of Technology Progress of the Ministry of Education, 1999. (ranked third in university side)

  Course Teaching  
    Power System Protection and Control
EHV Power System Protection
Micro-processor Based Protection(Digital Protection)
Digital Protection and Communication Network
Fault Analysis of Power System
    Patents(ranked  first)
1.Single-phase Self-adaptive Reclosing technology of Transmission Lines , Patent No. ZL200410093917.7;
2.Inter-turn Short-circuit Protection for Shunt Reactors of EHV Transmission Line, Patent No. ZL200510013091.3;
3.Implementation of Comprehensive Criteria for Single-phase Self-adaptive Reclosing of Transmission Line, Patent No. ZL2004100190040;
4.Single-phase Self-adaptive Reclosing Method Based on Fault Point Voltage, Patent No. ZL200810151740X;
5.Three-Phase Self-adaptive Reclosing Method for EHV Transmission Line with Shunt Reactors, Patent No. ZL2008100538593;
6.Protection Methods for Distributed Grid with Distributed Generators(DG), Patent No. ZL200910067641.8;
7.Fast Current Protection Scheme for Distributed Grid with Distributed Generator, Application No. 200910069045.3, Open No. CN101562333;
8.Self-adaptive Current Protection for Distributed Grid with Converted-Distributed Generators, Application No. 200910069041.5;
9.Control Method of Constant Voltage Discharge for Fly-wheel Storage Source. Application No. 201110033901.7;
10.Method for identifying fault type on a power line, Application No PCT/CN2009/072472.

Industry Products:
1.Micro-processor Based Protection Devices for Low and Medium Voltage Power Grid;
2.Fault Diagnosis Software for Motors;
3.Power System Short-circuit Current Calculating Software;
4.Single-phase Self-adaptive Reclosing Device for 220KV and Above Transmission Line;
5.Fault Location Software for AC Transmission Line in Power System;
6.Fault Location Method and Software for EHV DC Transmission Line;
7.Comprehensive Scheme for Suppression Over-voltage of 750KV and UHV Transmission Line.


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