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 Chen Yiguang
  Personal Datas  
    Professor Chen Yiguang
Room 324, Building #26 E
School of Electrical Engineering and Automation
Tianjin University
Tianjin, 300072
Tel:+86 22 27401056
Email: chenyiguang@edu.tju.cn
    Prof. Chen is a native of Tianjin.He received his bachelor's degree in 1984 from Hefei University of Technology, and master's degree in 1990 from Tianjin University,both in electrical engineering.In 2008,he completed his Ph.D degree in electrical engineering from Shenyang University of Technology.
Prof. Chen has a broad working experience.From 1984 to 1987,he worked as an assistance professor in the Tianjin University of Technology and Education.In 1985,he was awarded to study in Germany.After completing his master's degree in 1990,Prof. Chen was employed as an assistant engineer by Tianjin Jinjing Co.,Ltd.From 1992 to 1996,he was employed by Tianjin Electric Machine Research Institute as a project engineer working on DC and AC servo control systems.Later,he joined Tianjin University as an associate professor.
Prof. Chen's research is focused on electric machine design and control.He has published over 50 technical papers on electric machines and power electronics,and completed one NSFC project.Prof. Chen has worked closely with industry and completed over 11 projects with electrical companies and research institutes.
  Field Of Study  
    1 Novel Electric Machine Design
2 Electric Drives Control
3 Wind Energy Generations
4 Power Electronics
  Representative Paper  
    [1] Chen Yiguang,Kong Lingbing,Zhong Weigang.Finite element analysis of interior composite-rotor controllable flux permanent magnet synchronous machine.The 12th International Conference On Electrical Machines and Systems,ICEMS 2009.(EI:20101512842823)
[2] Chen Yiguang,Wang Luyi,Shen Yonghuan,Kong Lingbing.Research of position sensorless control of PMSM based on high frequency signal injection.The 11th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems,2008,1:3973-3977.(EI:20092712171254)
[3] Chen Yiguang,Wang Zhiqiang,Shen Yonghuan,Kong Lingbing.A control strategy of directed driven permanent magnet synchronous generator for maximum power point tracking in wind turbine application.The 11th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems,2008,1:3921-3926.(EI:20092712171244)
[4] Chen Yiguang,Yang Bo,Gu Xin,Xing Shenzhi.Novel Fuzzy control strategy of IPMSM drive system with voltage booster. Proceedings of the World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation,2006,2:8084-8087.(EI:071510544068)
[5] Chen Yiguang,Gu Xin,Shen Yonghuan,Xing Shenzhi.Optimization of active power filter system PI parameters on improved ant colony algorithm.IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, 2006,2189-2193.(EI:071710567607)
[6] Chen Yiguang,Pan Wei,Shen Yonghuan,Tang Renyuan.Magnetic field analysis of interior composite-rotor controllable-flux permanent magnet synchronous machine.Transactions of Tianjin University,2006,12(5):330-334.(EI:070510400099)
[7] Chen Yiguang,Fu Tao,Lixiang.Position sensorless control for permanent magnet synchronous motor using sliding mode observer.Transactions of Tianjin University,2005,11(5):338-342.(EI:06069686516)
[8] Zhao Weiyou,Chen Yiguang,Xing Shengzhi,Shen Yonghuan.Effective methods of reducing cogging torque in flux reversal machine.Journal of Iron and Steel Research International,2006,13(Suppl.1):444-449.(SCI:143NQ)
[9] Chen Yiguang,Xing Shengzhi,Shen Yonghuan,Zhao Weiyou,Tang Renyuan.Controllable-flux PMSM with novel design of magnetic circuit in rotor-memory motors.Journal of Iron and Steel Research International,2006,13(Suppl.1):339-404.(SCI:143NQ)
[10] Chen Yiguang,Kong Qun,Qian Houlong,Xing Shengzhi.Shunt active power filter using average power and RLS self-adapting algorithms.Proceedings-ISDA 2006,Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications,2006,2:25-30.(EI:073210746415)
[11] Chen Yiguang,Qian Houlong.Neuro-fuzzy control of a variable wind speed generation system.Proceedings of 2006 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence-50 Years’ Achievements,Future Directions and Social Impacts, 2006, 254-258.(ISTP:BFW96)
  Course Teaching  
    Electric Machinery
Control of Electric Drives
Modern Electric Machine Design Theory
Electrical Control Technology

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