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 Xiao Jun
  Personal Datas  
    Male ,birthday:1971
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School of Electrical Engineering & Automation of Tianjin University  Zip:300072
    1990.9-1994.7 Tianjin University, electrical power system and the automation, bachelor's degree
1994.9-1997.3 Tianjin University, electrical power system and automation, master's degree
1999.9-2003.8 Tianjin University, electrical power system and automation, PhD
1997.3- Present Tianjin University, electricity and automation engineering college, teacher
  Field Of Study  
    Urban electrical network planning, appraisal and power distribution automation research and application work  
  Representative Paper  
    1. Weiguo Xing, Yixin Yu, Jun Xiao and Ruying Wang,“A PC-based distribution automated mapping/facility management system”, Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Vol.20, No.6, pp.405-409,1998.  SCIEI ZY93504057869384
2. Jun Xiao, Yixin Yu , Chengshan Wang, Xiaoli Ji, Hongjie Jia,“A Study and Implementation of Distribution Information Management & Analysis System”, Proceedings of 1998 International Conference on Power System Technology, August, 1998, Beijing, China, pp1246-1250.  ISTP P82998, 1246
3. Xiao Jun, Ji Xiaoli,Xing Weiguo,Huang Chunhua, “A Study and implementation of distribution information management and analysis system”, Automation of Electric Power System 1998,22(2),p46-48。 EI PG1 98104405080
4. Jun Xiao, Yi Zhang, Chengshan Wang, A Study and Implementation of an Intelligent Load Forecast Support System, PowerCon 2002, IEEE/PES-CSEE International Conference On Power System Technology, October 13-17, 2002 Kunming, China, Vol. 2:858 ISTP BW09Z
5. Xiao Jun, Wang Chengshan, Zhou Ming, An IAHP-based MADM Method in Urban Power System Planning [J]. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2004, 24(4):50-57  EI-04278252279  
6. Xiao Jun, Luo Fengzhang, Wang Chengshan, An Interval-based Method for Evaluation and Decision-making of Power System Planning Projects [J], Power System Technology, 2004, 28(7):62-67   EI-04248210108
7. Wang Chengshan, Xiao Jun, Luo Fengzhang, An Interval-based Multi-layer Decomposed Calibration Method for Spatial Load Forecasting, Automation of Electric Power Systems 2004, 28(12):12-17   EI-04368345440
8. Xiao Jun, Wang Chengshan, Luo Fengzhang, Exploration on the Methods of Weight Calculation in the Interval-based AHP [J], System Engineering and Electronics, 2004,26(11):1597-1600  EI-05028786382
9. Xiao Jun, Luo Fengzhang, Wang Chengshan etc, Design and application of a multi-attribute decision-making system for power system planning[J], Power System Technology, 2005, 29(2): 9-13.   EI-05078836736
10. Xiao Jun, Wang Chengshan, Li Yi, Analysis on Probabilistic Distribution of Weights Calculation in the Interval-based AHP, Proceedings of Tianjin University, 2005,38(2):189-194   EI-05229136357
11. Luo, Feng-Zhang, Xiao, Jun, Wang Cheng-Shan, An Interval Economic Evaluation Method for Projects of power System Planning Considering Electricity Price Fluctuation, Power System Technology, 2005,29(8):20-24   EI-05229124135
  Research Project  
    1. National 95 key projects “Distribution network running and transformation decision support system achievement promotion fund” 2001
2.“GIS/AM/FM and running, planning automation system” The Department of Technical small and medium-sized enterprise technological innovation fund, 2002
3. Electrical power distribution system planning and automation technology promotion center, 2003
4. Tianjin significant science and technology key project “city electrical network intelligence monitor and decision support system”, 2004
5. Beijing city electrical network planning, 1998
6. Tianjin city electrical network planning, 1998
7. Fujian Province 110kV and 10kV electrical network optimization research, 2001
8. Liaoning Province electric power market development decision support system, 2001
9. Zhengzhou electrical network optimization research, 2002
10. The Tianjin High-voltage power supply Company, the main transformer excitation surge profile analysis, 2005
    1.1998,“PC-based assistance decision system on Anshan city urban electrical network planning” wins the northeast power administration technology advancement first award, the northeast electric power group technology advancement second prize, (4th completes person)
2. 1999, “Anshan city urban electrical network planning” wins the Liaoning Province technology advancement third prize, (4th completes person)
3. 2002, “the distribution network running and the transformation decision support system” wins the Tianjin technology advancement second prize, National Technical department authorizes to include “95” the country scientific and technical key promotion plan ( number 99030121A), (3rd completes person)
4. 2003, “the Tian-cai cup student science and technology activity first award outstanding instructor”
5. 2003, “Tianjin University excellent teacher”
6. 2003, “the urban electrical network planning theory, the model, the method research and application” wins the Ministry of Education technology advancement first award, (5th completes person)
7. 2004, “the urban electrical network planning theory, the model, the method research and application” wins the National technology advancement second prize, (5th completes person)
8. 2004, Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering 8th session of youth academic conference outstanding paper third prize
9.  2005, Tianjin University 11th session “top-notch outstanding youth”
10. 2005, Tianjin University Excellent doctoral thesis
  Course Teaching  
    Power System Analysis A (Steady-State)
Power System Planning
Software technology Basics

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