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 Xia Chaoying
  Personal Datas  
    Male ,birthday:1958
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School of Electrical Engineering & Automation of Tianjin University  Zip:300072
    Prof. Xia Chaoying was born in Dec. 1958 in Hunan province. He received the degree of B.S. and M.S. from Automation Department of Tianjin University in the year 1982 and 1987, respectively. Now he is professor and doctor advisor of SEEA in Tianjin University, councilman of China Energy Society and Beijing New Energy Automobile Association, expert committee member of both Beijing New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance and Tianjin New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance, professional committee member of Chinese Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, member of Zhigong Party.
His research area is mainly focused on control theory and its applications, self-adaptive control, and power electronics technique. In 1997, he proposed a parameter adaptive strategy for vector control system of induction motor, which is realized under rotor coordinate. This project has been supported by state natural sciences fund, and related articles were published in magazines like Proceedings of the CSEE, Control Theory & Applications, Transactions of China Electro-technical Society, etc. In 1998, he proposed the conjecture about the stability problem of multipoint error model, and a new criterion for the absolute stability problem of the MISO/SIMO nonlinear time-varying system is obtained, related articles were published in Control Theory & Applications and Acta Automatica Sinica. In 2000, he demonstrated the theoretical defect of typical direct torque control systems, related articles were published in Control Theory & Applications.
Until 2001, he has been working on motor control system development for EV/HEV. In 2002, he undertook the “863” project “Motor and its Control System for XL Pure Electro-motion Car” of the National 10th 5-year Plan, as the project director; in 2003, he undertook the dynamic research task of the same project; in 2006, he undertook the “863” project “Development of Drive Motor System for EV-HEV” of the National 11th 5-year Plan, as the project director.
  Field Of Study  
    Control Theory and Applications
Self-adaptive Control Theory and Applications
Power Electronics Technique & Equipment
AC Drive Control System and Technology
Pure Electric Vehicle & Hybrid Electric Vehicle
    1、Adaptive control of AC/DC electric transmission system, China Machine Press, Beijing, 1998
2、Automatic control theory, Science Press, Beijing, 2010
  Representative Paper  
    Prof. Xia has released over 30 academic articles, typical ones are:
1、Adaptive Rotor Flux Observer Designing Method without Using Any Parameters of an Induction Machine, Control Theory and Applications, 2000, 17(1): 321-325
2、Some Parameter Identification Methods of an Induction Motor Based on Its Complex Quantity Descriptions, Proceedings of the CSEE, 2000,20(12):1-6
3、Conjecture about the absolute stability problems of SIMO and MISO systems and a proof of its deduction, IEE Proceedings-Control Theory and Applications, Vol 148, No 4, 2001
4、Multi-adding-point Error Model and Conjecture about The Sufficient Condition of Its Stability, Acta Automatica Sinica, 2002, 28(2): 183-191
5、Stability problem and robust controller design of direct torque control system, Control Theory and Applications, 2004, 21(1): 54-58
6、A Conjecture and Its Several Deductions about the Absolute Stability of SIMO and MISO Systems, Acta Automatica Sinica, 2008, 34(5): 542-550
  Research Project  
    As the director, Prof. Xia has undertaken more that 30 research subjects, among which the longitudinal subjects are:
1、National “863” project, Development of micro-stepping motor controller for the microoperation robot servo control system, 1998
2、State natural sciences fund, Research on parameter adaptive method for induction motor vector control system under rotor coordinate, 2000
3、“863” projects of the National 10th 5-year Plan:
(1). Motor and its Control System for XL Pure Electro-motion Car, 2002AA501621, 2002
(2). Motor and its Drive System for XL Pure Electro-motion Car, 2003AA501620, 2003
4、Tianjin Technology Development Project, Development of motor drive system for hybrid electric vehicles, 2003
5、“863” project of the National 11th 5-year Plan:
Development of motor drive system for EV/HEV, 2006AA11A174, 2006
    1、Second prize of Tianjin Scientific & Technological Progress, Integration and creative development of the key technology for electric cars, 2008
2、The 5th Distinguished Teacher Award of Tianjin University, 2009


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