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 Zhang Guoshan
  Personal Datas  
    Zhang Guoshan, Ph.D., Professor
Year of Birth: 1961
Place of Birth: Jilin Province, China

Email: zhanggs@tju.edu.cn

(Dr/Prof)Zhang Guoshan
School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, China
    1983.07, graduated from Mathematics Department, Northeast Normal University, and received the B.S. degree in mathematics.
1989.01, graduated from Applied Mathematics Department, Northeast University of Technology ( renamed to Northeastern University now), and received the M.S. degree in applied mathematics.
1996.11, graduated from Research Center of Automation, Northeastern University, and received the PH.D. degree in Automation.
  Field Of Study  
    Stability of linear and nonlinear systems
Chaos control and its application
Optimal control
intelligent control
Descriptor (Singular) Systems and Rectangular systems
  Representative Paper  
    Main Publications:
[1] Guoshan Zhang and Wanquan Liu. Impulsive mode elimination for descriptor systems by a structured P-D feedback. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 56(12): 2968-2973, 2011.
[2] Guoshan Zhang, Lei Liu and Wanquan Liu. Linear quadratic optimal control based on dynamic compensation. International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, 8(5(B)): 3743–3754, 2012.
[3] Zhang Guoshan and Liu Lei. Linear quadratic optimal control based on dynamic compensation for rectangular descriptor systems. Acta Automatica Sinica, 36(12): 1752-1757, 2010.
[4] Zhang Guoshan and Niu Hong, Analysis and synchronization of a novel chaotic system based on Chen's system, Acta Physica Sinica, 61(11): 110503(1-11), 2012.
[5] Zhiguo Yan, Guoshan Zhang and Jiankui Wang, Non-fragile robust finite-time H∞ control for nonlinear stochastic Itô systems using neural network, International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, 10(5):873-882, 2012.
[6] Zhang Hongmei and Zhang Guoshan. Adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for nonlinear systems with input saturation. Transactions of Tianjin University, 18(1):46-51, 2012.
[7] Zhang, Hongmei and Zhang, Guoshan. GA-SQP algorithm for solving equilibrium states of hypersonic vehicles, Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica, 2012, 33 (1): 138-146. 2012.
[8] Zhiguo Yan, Guoshan Zhang and Jiankui Wang, Infinite horizon H2/H∞ control for descriptor systems: Nash Game Approach, Journal of Control Theory and Application, 10(2): 159-165, 2012.
[9] Zhiguo Yan, Guoshan Zhang and Weihai Zhang. Finite-time stability and stabilization of linear stochastic systems with state and control-dependent noise, Asian Journal of Control, 15(1), 2013, Wiley Online Library.
[10] Zhang Guoshan, Regularization and stabilization of rectangular descriptor systems by decentralized dynamic compensation, Control Theory & Applications, vol.25 (2), pp.210-216, 2008.
[11] Guoshan Zhang. Regularizability, controllability and observability of rectangular descriptor systems by dynamic compensation. Proc. of 2006 American Control Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, pp.4393-4398, June 2006.
[12] Guoshan Zhang and Zhonghu Yuan. Some new results on the reliable decomposition for linear plants. Dynamics of Continuous,Discrete and Impulsive Systems-Series A-Mathematical Analysis, vol.11 (5-6): pp.845-852, Oct 2004.
[13] Zhang Guoshan, Chai Tianyou and Gu Xingyuan. Reliable stabilization using multi-controller configurations. Acta Automatica Sinica, vol.24 (4), pp.552-556, 1998.
[14] Zhang Guoshan, Chai Tianyou, Gu Xingyuan, Reduced-order observer’s design and parameterizations for generalized dynamical systems. Control theory & applications, vol.14 (4), pp.584-588, 1997.
[15] Zhang Guoshan, and Xie Xukai. DR-Controllability of descriptor decentralized control systems. Control theory & applications, vol.12 (6), pp.704-711, 1995.
  Research Project  
    Main Research Projects of the Foundation Support
1.Research of some synthesis problems of rectangular systems.(2011.01—2013.12). The National Natural Science Foundation of China (61074088), ¥340,000.
2.The analysis and synthesis of rectangular descriptor systems by dynamic compensation (2007.01—2009.12). The National Natural Science Foundation of China (60674019), ¥250,000.
3.Robust Control and Its Application for Uncertainty Large-Scale Systems (2004.01---2006.12), 985 project of Tianjin University, ¥200,000.
4.Robust stabilization and Reliable stabilization of multivariable control systems (2002.01—2004.12). The foundation of science and technology of Ministry of Education, China (02039), ¥40,000.
5.Frequency design of multivariable control systems and its computer algebraic method (2002.09—2005.09). The key fundamental research project of Educational Department of Liaoning Province (202022010), ¥40,000.
  Course Teaching  
1983.09—2003.08 (Mathematics Department ):
Advanced Mathematics; Probability and Statistics; Linear Algebra; Differential Equation; Complex Functions; Mathematics Modeling; Fuzzy Sets and Systems; Discrete Mathematics; Modern Control Theory; Singular Systems; Optimal Control.
2003.09--present ( Automation Department, Tianjin University):
Automatic Control (Classic);  Linear System Theory;  Robust Control.

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