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Tutor Of Doctors
 Zhang Tao
  Personal Datas  
    Professor Tao Zhang, PhD supervisor
Phone: 13902184051
Fax: +86-022-87401982
Email: zt50@tju.edu.cn
Address: School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin University, China 300072
Subject: Detection Technique and Automation Equipment
    My high school graduated at 1966, and then the Cultural Revolution broke out, I worked more than ten years until the revolution ended. After entering the University as the first group of student by taking the official exams, I began to study physics. Later, I entered the graduate school of Tianjin University, studied experimental fluid dynamics under the supervisor of Professor Wei Shu, and then obtained a master degree. After graduation, I stayed at the department of Automation (now is School of Electrical Engineering and Automation) of Tianjin University and started teaching, approved as professor at 1999, approved as PhD supervisor at 2001. Currently as the Deputy Director of Department of Automation, Deputy Director of Chinese Society for Measurement Committee, Director of Tianjin Institute Measurement, Editor of Measurement journal.  
  Field Of Study  
    Measurement of flow process especially the parameters, intelligent meters and control systems, non-electricity detection technology  
  Representative Paper  
    1. Zhang CX, Zhang T, Yuan CF, Oil holdup prediction of oil-water two phase flow using thermal method based on multiwavelet transform and least squares support vector machine, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, 2011, 38(3): 1602-1610   SCI: 688PJ  EI: 20104513367262
2. Dandan Zheng, Tao Zhang and Yue Hu,Experimental investigations of the location of a piezoelectric probe in a vortex flow sensor,Meas. Sci. Technol. 18 (2007) 3777–3783    SCI:243CP   EI:20074710934715
3. Dandan Zheng, Tao Zhang, Juan Xing and Jianqiang Mei,Improvement of the HHT method and application in weak vortex signal detection,Meas. Sci. Technol. 18 (2007) 2769–2776
SCI:207UX   EI:20074810954475
4. Dandan Zheng and Tao Zhang,Research on vortex signal processing based on double-window relaxing notch periodogram,Flow Measurement and Instrumentation,19(2008)85-91   SCI:290DM   EI:20081111140961
5 Xu Y, Zhang T, Wang HX, Chen DY, Smart floating element flowmeter based on a capacitive angular displacement transducer, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 2005, 16(1): 1-6    SCI:900GC   EI:2005068832279.
6. Zhang, Tao, Sun, Hongjun, Wavelet denoising applied to vortex flowmeters, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation; 2004, 15(5):325-329    SCI:871OM    EI:2004458451341.
  Research Project  
    Complete a number of national and Tianjin key research projects
Complete more than twenty commercial and company projects
Focus on theory with practice; keep working on turning the research results into engineering applications.
    1st prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award
3rd prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award
  Course Teaching  
    Automatic Detection Technology
Automatic Detection and Control
Error Theory and Experimental Data Processing
Fluid Foundation
Thermal Theory

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