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Tutor Of Masters
 Cheng Ze
  Personal Datas  
    Male ,birthday:1959
Mail Address:
School of Electrical Engineering & Automation of Tianjin University  Zip:300072
    1985, School of Electrical Engineering & Automation, Tianjin University, master's degree.
2002, Institute of Management, Tianjin University, doctor’s degree.
2005, Major in Micro-electronics, Telecommunication Institute, Tianjin University, post-doctorate.
  Field Of Study  
    1. Theory of Information Fusion.
2. Navigation,Guidance as well as Observe And Control.
3. Fault diagnosis and System maintenance
4. Application of MCU to field of Automation Control.
  Representative Paper  
    1. An Adaptive Solar Photovoltaic Array Reconfiguration Method Based on Fuzzy Control, Proceedings of the 8th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation July 6-9 2010, Jinan, China. EI.
2. FPGA-based PV systems fuzzy MPPT control algorithm, 2010 Seventh International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD 2010). EI.
3. Research on MPPT control of PV system based on PSO algorithm. 2010 Chinese Control and Decision Conference. EI.
4. Research on an Adaptive Solar Photovoltaic Array Using Shading Degree Model-Based Reconfiguration Algorithm, 2010 Chinese Control and Decision Conference, 2010, EI.
5.  Research on PV module structure based on Fault detection, Proceedings of the World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA 2010), EI.
6.  Research on Fault Detection of PV Array Based on Data Fusion and Fuzzy Mathematics, Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference 2011. EI.
7.  Self-adjusting Fuzzy MPPT PV system control FPGA design, Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference 2011. EI.
8.  Sensorless parameter identification method for PMSM based on double manifold sliding mode. Achievements in Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control based on information Technology. Part 2, 2011. EI.
  Research Project  
    Research projects in which acts as project leader
1.  Portable “BeiDou” Satellite Positioner,Department of Science and Technology
2.  Construction of laboratory of LoS and development of box packing. Tianjin Scientific and Technological Commission.
3. Industrialization of supervoltage UHP electric bulb. National Development and Reform Committee
4. Ultraviolet DOAS-online sequential monitor of gas.  SME Innovation funds of Tianjin.
5. The SoC design and realization of small scale solar irrigation control system based on FPGA, Tianjin Science and Technology Key Project.
Research projects in which acts a participator
1. Key technique of real-time volume rendering and research of construction of bracing system. State Natural Science Fund, 60373061.
2. Design and development of products of CMOS picture sensor. Tianjin Scientific and Technological Commission.
3. Key technique research of multitask inquiry in wireless sensor network information system. State Youth Science Fund,  70701025.
4. Development of customizable processor and SoC platform which is oriented towards multimedia application.
5. Electric power source fast and low temperature actuating system of supercapacitor and storage battery.  973 State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry pre-research project.
    1. Tianjin Outstanding Manager of technological innovation.
2. Education and Research Results Proxime Accessit of Tianjin University
3. Multimedia Courseware is chosen as second-class courseware by Tianjin education department
  Course Teaching  
    For Undergraduate
1. Power Electronics Technique
2. Fundamentals And Applications of DSP.
3. Synthetical Design And Practice Of Electric Power System.
For  graduate
1. Advanced Power Electronics and Applications
1.  Wireless fixed network note device
2.  Portable GPS Satellite positioner.
3.  A new type of fixed network note device.

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