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Tutor Of Doctors
 Wang Ping
  Personal Datas  
    Female, born in 1959.
E-mail: pingw@tju.edu.cn
Mailing address: School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin University,
Post Code: 300072
Discipline: Power Electronics and Power Drives
    1978.3-1981.12, Tianjin University, Power Systems Automation, Bachelor, Bachelor of Engineering
1982.2-present, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin University, teachers
1988.9-1991.5, Tianjin University, Graduate, Master of Engineering
2002.3-2005.8, Tianjin University, Graduate students, Ph.D.
  Field Of Study  
    Power electronic conversion technology and its control
Intelligent detection and control
modern electronic circuits and systems
    "Electronic Technology Experimental Course", 2009, China Machine Press
"Power Electronics Field-Control Devices and Application", 1996, China Machine Press
"Current-mode electronic circuits", 2001, Tianjin University Press
"Modern Practical Electronics Handbook ", 1997, Tianjin Science and Technology Press

  Representative Paper  
    1. The direct inverse-model control based on neural networks for inverts,ICMTMA 2010
2. Research on particle filtering based on genetic algorithm,WCICA 2010
3. A Filtering Algorithm of Optimal Threshold Function Based on Spatial Correlation and Its Virtual Realization,Journal of Tianjin University,2009,42(6)
4. Research and design of a common mode hybrid EMI filter for switch-mode power supply,PESA 2009
5. MPPT Control Algorithms for Wind Power Generation Based on Voltage Disturbance,WCICA 2008
6. A Novel Phase-Locked Loop Based on Hopfield Neural Network Optimum Algorithm,CCWMSN 2007
7. Study of Control Principles of the DC Side Voltage of Grid-Connected CSI in Direct—Drive Wind Power Generation System,TRANSACTIONS OF CHINA ELECTROTECHNICAL SOCIETY,2007,22
8. Harmonic Current Detecting Approach Based on Hopfield Neural Network,Journal of Tianjin University,2007,40(12)
9. Neural Network Hysteresis Control of three-phase Switched Capacitor Active Power Filter,PESA 2006
10. Harmonic analysis and active compensation for the dc_link of inverter, Proceedings of the CSEE,2005,25(14)
11. A Modified Fuzzy Direct Torque Control,CHINESE JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT,2005,26(2)
  Research Project  
    The convertor controller with nerve cell arithmetic and field bus control system, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation project
PWM converter EMC Prediction, Doctoral Fund
Power system harmonic compensation device, the Action Plan for Invigorating Education sub-985

“PLC control system for positioning anchor machine renovation” etc. more than 10 items school-enterprise cooperation project
  Course Teaching  
    Analog electronic technology foundation (undergraduate)
Digital electronic technology foundation (undergraduate)
Modern electronic circuits and systems (graduate)

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