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Tutor Of Doctors
 Wang Ping
  Personal Datas  
    born in 1955.11
add: school of electrical engineering and automation, Tianjin University
post code:300072
    Received B.E.in 1982 and M.E.in 1992 at Tianjin University
1982 — has been a teacher at Tianjin University
1994 — associate professor
2002 — professor
2003 — Electrics and Electronics Technology Center director
2004 — visiting Research of Tianjin Meteorological Science Research Iinstitute
2007 — director of doctor students
2008 — deputy chairman of Electrotechnics Research Society of college and university of China
  Field Of Study  
    1. computer vision: Recognition, tracking and understanding of Moving Objects
2. pattern recognition: methods of image recognition, extraction and analysis of class features
    chief editor
1. Basic of Electric And Information Technique, China Machine Press, 2009
2. A Course in Electrotechnics Experiment, China Higher Education Press, 2006

1. Statistical Pattern Recognition (Second Edition, Andrew R. Webb), China Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2004

associate editor
1. An Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  Representative Paper  
    lead author
1. Designing And Realization of The Dissymmetrical Hierarchical Model for Solving Complicated Problems of Pattern Recognition,Intelligent Systems Design and Engineering Appilications,2010.10
2. Location of 2-Dim Code In Image by Corner Detection, Wavelet Analysis and Pattern Recognition 2010.7
3. Diffused Region Segmentation Based on Directed Growth Method with Elastic Scale, Journal of Tianjin University(Science And Technology)2010.5
4. Image Segmentation of Typhoon Spiral Cloud Bands Based on Support Vector Machine,Machian Learning and Cybernetics,2009.7
5. Feature Extraction of Image And Graphic Based on Chain Code, journal of Computer Applications, 2009.8
6. Vehicle Shadow Detection Based on Wavelet Coefficients and Photometric Features, Journal of Tianjin University(Science And Technology)2008.2
7. Recognition of Capital Letters and Arabic Numerals Based on Characteristic Tree of Reduce Code, Journal of Tianjin University(Science And Technology)2008.6
8. Method of lossless removing to area and high-frequency noise in image, Journal of Computer Applications, 2008.9
9. An Efficient Approach for Slant Correction of Vehicle Based on Hough Transform And Mathematics Morphology,International Conference on Transportation Engineering,2007.7
10.The Auto-obtaining of The Knowledge About Developing Hailstone Weather, the 4th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, 2007.8
11.Hail Cloud Feature Extraction Based on Radar Reflectivity Image, Journal of Tianjin University(Science And Technology)2007.10
12.Recognition and positioning of hailstorm based on chain code information, journal of Computer Applications, 2007.2
13. Color Image Enhancement Based on Hue Invariability, Journal of Image And Graphics, 2007.7
14 Local Spiral Curves Matching Based on Hough Transformation And Center Auto-Locating of Developing Typhoon,Transaction of Tianjin University,2006
15.Dual Forecasting Model of Sand-Dust Storm Based on the Lattice Position Field Data, , Journal of Tianjin University(Science And Technology)2006.3
16. Fast algorithm to enhance contrast of fog-degraded images, journal of Computer Applications, 2006.1
17. Location of the Developing Typhoon Based on the Field of the Cloud Motion Winds, Pattern Recognition And Artificial Intelligence, 2005.12
18. Extracting The Rotation Feature of The Developing Typhoon,5225~5228,Proceedings of 2005 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics,2005.10
19. A Method to Structure Circuit Models for Transistor Based on the Ports' V-I Characteristics, Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Education,2005.5
20. Intelligent Routing Algorithm for Power System Graph Using Production System, Computer Engineering, 2005.1
21.Similarity Retrieval of Synoptic Charts, , Journal of Tianjin University(Science And Technology)2004.3
22. Study 0f objeet—Oriented Digital Circuit Knowledge Base System, , journal of Computer Applications, 2003.11
23. Object-oriented Power System Knowledge Base System And Its Application, Automation of Electric Power Systems,2006.2
24 Connectivity Judgement for Electrical Power Network Based on Relation Data Base, Journal of Tianjin University(Science And Technology)2002.7
  Research Project  
    1. the National Natural Science Foundation of China:
Information Retrieval of Uygur Writing Based on Highspeed and Compressed Digital Dynamic Image (2009-2011)

2. the Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin:
Study on Hail Early Warning of Tianjin(2009-2012)

3. the Open Science Foundation of National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition
Research on the Method recognizing the cloud systems of developing typhoon (2002-2004)

4. Meteorological Department-supported projects
(1) Identification algorithm of boundary convergence lines(2010-2012)
(2) Identification algorithm of mesocyclones and adverse wind areas (2010-2012)
(3) Research on Key Technologies for nowcasting the severe convective weather in Beijing Tianjin and Hebei (2007-2011)
(4) software system of Monitoring and Forecasting Landfalling Typhoon based on Doppler radar date(sub-research project)(2008-2010)
(5) Research on the Method recognizing the hail systems based on their features and the development regularity (2006-2008)
(6) Research on the understanding system of weather process and recognition to satellite cloud map (1997-2000)
    2008 — the first prize of teaching achievements of Tianjin University
2007 — Fine Teacher Prize of “Bao-Gang Education Fund”
2006 — national essence course
2004 — advanced individual in ”Able Woman” of Tianjin University
2001 — Fine Teacher Prize of Motorola
2001 — Fine Teacher Prize of Tianjin University
1996 — the second prize of teaching achievements of Tianjin
1995 — Fine young Teacher Prize of Yilida
1993 — The prize of The first competition in teaching of Tianjin University’s young teacher
  Course Teaching  
    1. Undergraduate courses
(1) An Introduction to Electrical Engineering,
(2) A Course in Electrotechnics Experiment

2. graduate courses
(1) pattern recognition
(2) computer vision
(3) Computational Intelligence
    Director of Electrotechnics Course Construction of Tianjin University  

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