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Tutor Of Doctors
 Lu Zhiying
  Personal Datas  
    Name: Lu Zhiying
Sex: Female
Born: 1964.6.28
Mobile phone: 13820573798
Postal address: School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Tianjin University, Tianjin
Zip Code: 300072
Discipline:  pattern recognition and intelligent system
Associate Professor
Tutor for graduate
        1983.9—1987.7  Department of Industrial Automation in Tianjin University , Bachelor Engineering degree
    1987.7—Become a teacher of Tianjin University after graduated from school, during this period obtained :
    Master degree in Department of Industrial Automation in Tianjin University
    Doctor degree in Department of Power Systems and Automation in Tianjin University
    1999—Associate Professor
  Field Of Study  
    1 Intelligent algorithm
2 Data Mining
3 Image Processing
4 Power System Planning
  Representative Paper  
    1 Research on medium-voltage distribution network planning based on heuristic ant colony algorithm, Power System Protection and Control, 2010.8
2 Hailstone Detection Based on Time Series Association Rules, Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, 2010.8
3 Rainstorm Forecasting Based on Similarity Retrieval of Rough Set, Information, Computing and Telecommunication, 2010.9
4 Substation Location Planning of the Weighted Voronoi Diagram Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm,Proceedings of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering,2009.6
5 Parameters Optimization of RBF-SVM Sand-Dust Storm Forecasting Model Based on PSO,Journal of Tianjin University,2008.4
6 sand-dust storm ensemble forecast model based on rough set, Transactions of Tianjin University, 2007.12
7 Sand-Dust Storm Forecasting Model Based on SVM,Journal of Tianjin University,2006.9
8 A segmentation method for crossing ambiguity string based on mutual information and t-test difference, Information, Computing and Telecommunication, 2009.9
9 Hailstone Detection Based on Image Mining, Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, 2008.10
10 Research on the Forecasting Model of Sand-dust Storm Based on the Grid Field, International Conference on Natural Computation, 2007.8
11 A Field Feature Extraction Method of Sand-dust Storm Ensemble Forecast System Based on ANN,Computer Simulation,2007.6
12 A study of hailstone detection system based on radar echo reflectivity image, Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, 2006.10
13 Design and Realization of Electrotechnics Teaching and Learning Web System Based on ASP+SQL,Journal of Electrical & Electronic Education,2006.4
14 Research on Variance Parameter Genetic Algorithm Based on Diversity of Population,Computer Simulation,2006.1
15 The Study of the Sand-bust Storm Forecasting Model Based on GA-neural Network,Computer Engineering and Applications,2005.11
16 Adaptive genetic algorithm based on artificial neural network model for estimation of SOC of battery,Chinese Journal of Power Sources,2004.8
17 Study on hybrid code method of genetic neural network,Computer Engineering and Design,2004.11
18 Multi-model Ensemble Forecast Method Based on ANN,Computer Engineering and Design,2004.4
  Research Project  
1 Research in Tianjin Hail Warning Technology, Natural Science Fund of Tianjin
2 Uighur language information retrieval based on high-speed, compressed domain digital dynamic image,Natural Science Fund of China
3 The development project of convergence line automatic recognition algorithm in a new generation of weather radar business software,Meteorological Observation Center of the China Meteorological Administration
4 Doppler Radar Landfall typhoon monitoring and early warning software system (The third issue),Meteorological Observation Center of the China Meteorological Administration
5 The research of main technology in Short-term forecasting of severe convective weather among Beijing, Tianjin city group,The Specific research of China Meteorological Administration

Horizontal Research
1 The research of evaluation index system in Power Network Planning, Shanghai Jiu long Electric Power Design Consulting Co. Ltd.
2 The software of Client Report Installation Method, Beijing Si Fang Ya Long Technology Co. Ltd
3 The hailstone base on the characteristics and evolution of Monomer, Beijing Urban Meteorological Research Institute
4 10kV distribution network planning in coastal industrial city—San men County,San men Power Supply Bureau
5 The research of the calibration device used for complex fault calculation、reproduction failure and relay performance, Power Company in He Nan Province
6 Propose for the Investigation Design Registered Engineer Qualification Exam, Practice Qualification Registration Center of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China

In addition, also participated and hosted in a number of reform projects
    In recent years, access to part of the award:
1 2010 National Science and Technology Progress Award
2 Model of Tianjin University Young Teachers
3 National Quality Course
4 Tianjin-level teaching team
5 Basic skills of young teachers in colleges and lectures Contest in Tianjin city
6 Lecturing young teachers Contest in Tianjin University, Second Prize
  Course Teaching  
    Undergraduate: Foundations of Electrical Engineering、Experiment of electrical engineering
Graduate:Artificial Intelligence and Applications

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