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Tutor Of Masters
 Liu Yanli Researcher
  Personal Datas  
    Tutor of Masters   Liu Yanli     Associate Professor
Phone: 15222205912
Email: liuyanli@tju.edu.cn
Mail Address: School of Electrical Engineering and Automation of Tianjin University
Zip: 300072
    1991       Master degree,   Tianjin University
1992-1996  School of Electrical Engineering and Automation of Tianjin University,  Lecturer
2003-2010:  School of Electrical Engineering and Automation of Tianjin University,  Vice Dean
1997-Present: School of Electrical Engineering and Automation of Tianjin University,  Associate Professor
  Field Of Study  
    1  Sensorless parameter identification of the motor
2  Pattern Recognition、Fault diagnosis
3  The testing technique and repair of the PV system
    Published 10 teaching materials as the editor and the compiler member  
  Representative Paper  
    1. Research on PV module structure based on Fault detection.   EI.
2. Research on an Adaptive Solar Photovoltaic Array Using  Shading Degree Model-Based Reconfiguration Algorithm   EI.
3. An Adaptive Solar Photovoltaic Array Reconfiguration Method Based on Fuzzy Control, Proceedings of the 8th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation July 6-9 2010, Jinan, China. EI.
4. FPGA-based PV systems fuzzy MPPT control algorithm, 2010 Seventh International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD 2010). EI.
5. Research  on  MPPT  Control  of photovoltaic power generation system based on PSO.  Computer Engineering.  2010
6. Building of the Experimental Teaching System meets to the personnel training in engineering speciality.   CHINA UNIVERSITY TEACHING    2010.4
7. Strengthen the construction of the professional experimental center and Promote the reform of higher engineering education.   Higher Education of Sciences.  2009
  Research Project  
    1. The data-center's management system
2. The National Science and Technology's security system
3. The Equipment management system of the national police technical reconnaissance
4. The user-specific operating system of the Compass Navigation system

Participated in five state-level and province-level projects.

    1. Two National-teaching-achievement second awards. Five Tianjin-teaching-achievement awards.
2. The Outstanding teachers in Tianjin
3. The Advanced individual of the Colleges and Universities Project (Thesis) management in Tianjin
4. Woman pace-setter in Tianjin University
5. The "Women posts meritorious" advanced Individual in Tianjin University
  Course Teaching  
    1.  Principle of electrotechnics
2.  Electron technology
3.  Circuit Basis
4.  Fundamental of the electrotechology
5.  Digital Electronics

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